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I have been collecting Cigarette Packs for the last 20 years since I was 10!!! (odd collection for this age), with a friend of mine we collected almost 500 cigarette packs from the years 1986-1992 from Israel, USA, Italy, Finland, and Romania Those where the countries we and our family visited, after 1992 me and my friend lost connection, till the beginning of 1999, I got a call from him asking me what to do with the collection that was at that time at his position so I told him why don't you bring it to me and if i didn't want it I will get rid of it. my wife now (girlfriend at that time) told me keep it and maybe you will find more collectors on the web, so I started looking for collectors. and found a small community of collectors that is growing each day, and since then 10 years later I have 14,500 different packs from more than 130 countries.

I'm also a member of the:
CPPCA - Cigarette Pack Collector Club of Argentina - since 2001.
CPCC - Cigarette pack Collector Club (UK) - since 2003
CPCA - Cigarette PackCollector Association - since 1999


Hope you will enjoy your reset of the visit at my web site. for any comments, suggestion Please contact me.

Articles made on my collection (the first link might not work for people out of israel)

Article in Ynet.co.il

article in hebrew

Contact me at : engel.micky@gmail.com