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Old & Present Israeli packs

Aida 1958 made by Union cigarette company

Ajalon 1948 there is other pack call AYALON made by Dubek


Al 2010 made by Yabed company for tobacco


Al Hayat 1922 made by Maspero (this was thier first brand in PAELSTINE)

Al Uma 1937 made by K.D&S (was made for the arb consulate meeting in Syria)

Alia 1987 sold in the west banc  made by J.C.C

Aliyah 1934 made by Dubek & Dr.W Moses and N.Waskewitz

Aloof 1936 made by CPC & ICC

Ambassador 1952 made by Jerusalem cigarette company

American Blue 2004 made by Dubek

Ami 1958 made by Bejerano bros. (special edition marking 10 year of indipendent to ISRAEL)

Anchor 1937 made by Karaman Dick & Salti

Ascot 1955 made by Maspero, I.C.C & Ascot

Arbel 1959 made by Dubek

Ariel - 1921-1923 THE FIRST PACK PRODUCE IN PALESTINA (ISRAEL).First Company in PALESTINE  made by Ariel

Ariston 1955 made by Dubek







Armon 1955 made by Bejerano and Dubek

Atid 1935-1952 made by Dubek

Atlas 1959 made by Bejerano Bros


Australia 1942 made by Dubek

 Ayalon 1948 made by Dubek

Aviv 1926 made by Maspero


Azmon 1950 made by the Jerusalem cigarette company

Baddour made by Baddour Ltd.

Belmont sold in east jerusalem  made by J.C.C

Ben Hur 1963 made by Lud Cigarette


Biringi 1930's made by Karman Dick & Salti

Bosphore made by Baddour

Bouton Rouge 1934 made by Maspero (for export made but not sold is palestine)

Broadway 1969 made by Dubek

Bulbul 1920's made by Maspero

Candian 2010 made by J.C.C for quality cigarette and tobacco of Canada

Capitol 1977 made by Dubek

Capri Capital sold in the west banc  made by J.C.C

Capri 1960's Made by Lud Cigarette company

Capital Made by J.C.C. for the Edinburgh cigarette company Scotland

Carmel 1925  made by Karaman Dick & Salti

Carmel 1953 made by Ibten Tobacco Co Karaman

Castel 1950 made by Jerusalem Cigarette Company

Champion 1970's made by Betlehem Cigarette co.

Choice 1.5.2011 made by Dubek (with the crush system that change the taste of the cigarette)

City west banc made by International Cigarette Beit Jala

Clubs 1970 made by Ascot

Coronet 1967 made by Dubek

Dafne 1940  made by Dubek & Bejerano

Dalia 1953 made by Maspero

Dan 1956 made by I.C.C

Degel 1957 made by Dubek & Bejerano Bros.

Degel 1937 made by Kedem cigarette company


Desiree 1955 made by Bejerano Bros.

Domino 1953 made by Dubek

Dror 1954 made by I.C.C

Dubek 1933 made by Dubek & Dr.W Moses and N.Waskewitz

Dugma 1947 made by Bejerano


Dugma 5-5 1957 made by Bejerano

Derby 1987 west banc made by J.C.C

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