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Mabrouk 1920's made by Karaman Dick & Salti


Macedonia 1945 made by C.P.C

Maden 1920's made by K.D&S

Makcim 1956 made by Lud Cigarette Company

Manager 1945 made by The arab cigarette & tombac co. nazareth & Uniun cigarette company

Marathon 1961 made by Bejerano bros.

Marom mid 60's made by Dubek & Lud Cigarette

Maspero18 1949 made by Maspero

Matos 1957 made by Ibten tobacco co. Karmman Ltd.

Matossian 1939 made by Maspero

Matossian after1948 till 1956  made by Maspero

Matossian 4 1941-1953

Melouki 1926 made by Maspero


Mirage 1967 made by Lud Cigarette

Montana 1982 til present made by Dubek

Meggido 1956 made by Dubek & Bejerano

Mondial 1963 made by Bejerano bros & Dubek

Monte Carlo 1985 made by Dubek

Mont Blanc 1959 made by Dubek

Mustang 1992 made by Dubek

Nadiv 1928 made by Dubek & Dr.W Moses and Waskewitz

National sold in the west banc till mid 80`s made by International Cigarette Beit Jala

Nazik 1930's made by Baddour

Negev 1955 made by Lud

Nelson 1943 made by C.P.C, I.C.C & Dubek

Nesher 1959 made by Dubek

Noblesse 1953 made by Lud Cigarette & Dubek

No 9 2007 made by I.C.C

NYC 2013 made by Dubek

Odem 1939 made by Bejerano Bros. and Dubek

Ofek 1948 made by dubek

Ogen 1953 made by Dubek

Omar 1964 made by J.C.C

Ophir 1930 made by Dubek & Dr.W Moses and Waskewitz

Ora 1939 made by Maspero

Orly 1958 made by Union cigarette company

Ottoman 1921 made by Karaman Dick & Salti (thier first tradmark)

Overseas 1940's made by Sansur

Paz 1961 made by Lud Cigarette

Peer 1937 made by C.P.C and I.C.C

Perfect 1946 made by Bejerano

Polaris 1961 made by Dubek

Prime 1980's made by Dubek

Prince made by K&G Moshtaha Co. Gaza

Private 1941 made by C.P.C

Pullman made by International Cigarette Beit Jala

Rondo 1963 made by Dubek

Royal 1962-2001/2 re-issue 2012 made by Dubek

Record 1957 made by Lud

Reudor 1949 made by Bejerano Bros.

Rex 1953 made by Jerusalem cigarette company

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