W   Poland 60 mm
W1 Filter,Red(x2),Blue Brazil 4 packs
W&A   Unknown  
W&S Filter,Classic - blue(nw),red(nw) Brazil 3 packs
Waaberi   Somalia  
Wahyu Sejati   Indonesia 12 cigarette
Wakaba Filter Japen 2 packs
Walden Nano U.A.E  
Waldorf   Germany  
Waldorf Astoria Blau Punkt,Walasco Germany 2 packs 25 cigarette tin
Walet Filter,Menthol,Light,Srebrny,Srebrny Menthol,Menthol Light Poland 6 packs 60 mm
  Classic Indonesia 12 cigarette
  Sarang Classic Indonesia 16 cigarette
Walker   Germany  
Walkure   Germany 100 cigarette tin
Wall Street Filter,Light,Super Light Latvia 3 packs
  Filter,Light,Blue Denmark 3 packs 25 cigarette
  Menthol Label Denmark  
Wallruth Extra Germany 25 cigarette tin
Walnut Non Filter U.S.A 60 mm
Walt Disney World Virginia Ovals U.S.A  
Walter Wolf Filter,Natural Flavor,Original Blend 10mg,Pure Flavor No 6,Original Blend 7mg,Light Croatia 6 packs
  Collectors Edition Original Blend - White, 10mg Croatia 2 packs
  Collectors Edition 20th Anniversary - 10mg,White,Light Croatia 3 packs
  Light,White,Gold,Original Flavour Croatia 4 packs 100 mm
  Limited Edition Croatia  
  White Icon -> Pall Mall Austria 100 mm
Walter`s   United Kingdom 30 cigarette Tin
  Medium Navy Cut United Kingdom 10 cigarette 60 mm
Walton   United Kingdom 60 mm
  Royal Blend Singapore  
Wan Exlusive Azerbaijan  
Wanaka Gold, Blue (NW) U.S.A 2 packs
  Green (NW) U.S.A 100 mm
War Mild Indonesia 16 cigarette
War Horse Filter Vietnam 4 packs
Wardleigh TM U.S.A 60 mm
Warnow   East Germany 60 mm
Wars   Poland  
Warta Filter Poland  
Warwick Light Germany 18 cigarette
Washington   Israel  
Waterfall Test Pack U.S.A  
Waterford Test Pack U.S.A  
  Water Tip U.S.A  
  Water Tip International U.S.A  
Watson`s Superior Filter Australia  
Wave Filter,Light(x2),Full Flavor Menthol,Menthol Japen 5 packs
  Filter,Full Flavor Japen 2 packs 100 mm
  Full Flavor(x3),Silver(x2),Blue(x3),Menthol Green,Menthol(x2),Light Turkey 12 packs 100 mm
  Full Flavor(x2),Silver,Blue,Menthol Green,Menthol Turkey 6 packs
  TM U.S.A  
  Premium,Light Poland 2 pack
  Limited Edition - Full Flavor,Blue Turkey 2 packs
  Limited Edition Blue Turkey  
Waverly   United Kingdom 50 cigarette tin
  Medium United Kingdom 10 cigarette 60 mm
Wawel   Poland 25 cigarette
Way Filter Greece  
  Light Peru 2 packs
  Light Peru 100 mm
Wayas   Andorra  
Wedgewood   Canada  
Week - End Non Filter,Filter France 2 packs 60 mm
  Non Filter France 10 cigarette 60 mm
  Non Filter France 50 cigarette tin
Weglokoks Compliment pack Poland  
Weights The original,Virginia,Cork Tipped,Finest Virginia United Kingdom 4 packs 10 cigarette 60 mm
  Non Filter United Kingdom 2 packs 60 mm
  Non Filter United Kingdom 15 cigarette 60 mm
Wel   Slovekia 60 mm
Welcome Filter Israel  
  Special,Filter,Extra Bulgaria 3 packs
Well Filter Poland 2 packs 60 mm
  Menthol Indonesia  
Wellington Test Pack United Kingdom 2 packs
Wellss Light International Yuguslavia  
Welton Ultra 202,Lady Di,Menthol,Lady Poland 5 packs
Wembley   Brazil  
  Mild Holland 60 mm
  Filter Tipped United Kingdom 60 mm
West End Virginia Medium Switzerland 10 cigarette 60 mm
West Wind Test Pack U.S.A  
Western Wild West Red(nw),Blue(nw),Sheriff Red(nw) Russia 3 packs
Westleigh Filter(x2),Sky South Africa 3 packs
Westminster Non Filter Holland 4 packs 60 mm
  Blended Denmark 10 cigarette
  Non Filter United Kingdom 50 cigarette (label)
  Cork Tipped United Kingdom 60 mm
Weston Lady di,Lady,Ultra 202,Super Light Poland 4 packs
Westpoint   Philippines  
Westport Light,Menthol,Menthol Ligh Canada 3 packs
  Non Filter Brazil  
  Menthol,Full Flavor Canada 2 packs 100 mm
  Menthol(nw),Full Flavor(nw) U.S.A 2 packs 100 mm
Wha Rang Non Filter Korea 60 mm
Whippet Test Pack United Kingdom  
Whisper Test Pack U.S.A  
White Diamond Superslims United Kingdom 100 mm
White Eagle Tipped United Kingdom 60 mm
  Tipped United Kingdom 10 cigarette 60 mm
White Gull   U.S.A 60 mm
White Horse Filter,International,Broaleaf Virginia,Special Cello Broaleaf Virginia Vietnam 4 packs
  Filter Vietnam 10 cigarette
  Filter Malaysia 12 cigarette
  Filter Malaysia  
  Virginia United Kingdom 2 packs 10 cigarette 60 mm
  Demi Plus Vietnam 24 cigarette
  Virginia Cork Tipped United Kingdom 60 mm
White Leaf Test Pack U.S.A 2 packs
  Filter Tipped U.S.A  
White Liner Round Plain Denmark 10 cigarette 60 mm
White Porcelain   Korea  
White Rolls Non Filter U.S.A 60 mm
White Sheep Non Filter Korea 2 packs 60 mm
White Stone Classic U.A.E  
White Trend   Brazil tin
  7mg Brazil  
Whitfield Test Pack U.S.A  
Wiarus Menthol,Filter,Light Menthol,Lux,Light,Mild Poland 7 packs
Wigo Red Korea  
Wildhorse Red,Menthol Green,Silver,Menthol Silver,Gold,Light U.S.A 6 packs 100 mm
  Non Filter,Light,Red U.S.A 3 packs
Wildlife Test pack U.S.A  
Wild Geese   Germany  
Wild Woodbine Non Filter,Tipped United Kingdom 2 packs 10 cigarette 60 mm
  Filter United Kingdom 15 cigarette
  Non Filter United Kingdom 60 mm
  Non Filter Emergency Packing United Kingdom 10 cigarette 60 mm
  Non Filter United Kingdom 5 cigarette 60 mm
  Filter Australia  
Williams Enhanced Nano - Black,Silver United Kingdom 2 packs
  Light United Kingdom  
  Superslims - Premium Blue,Special Blue United Kingdom 2 packs 100 mm
Williamsburg Test Pack U.S.A  
Wills Filter India 2 packs 10 cigarette 70 mm
  Filter(x3),Insignia,Classic - Milds,Ultra Milds,Navy Cut India 7 packs
  Light,Super Light Uzbekistan 2 packs
  Kings Pakistan  
  Filter Tipped Pakistan 10 cigarette 60 mm 
Wills Classic Filter,Ultra Mild,Menthol India 3 packs
  Filter,Mild,Ultra Mild India 3 packs 10 cigarette
Wills Kings   Bangladesh  
Wills Navy Cut Filter India 70 mm
  Gold,Menthol India 2 packs
Wills Silk Cut   India 10 cigarette 70 mm
Wilson Filter Unknown 100 mm
  Filter Bangladesh 10 cigarette
  Superior - Sunset,Midnigt Georgia 2 packs
Wilton Filter Argentina  
  Filter Argentina 10 cigarette
  Filter Paraguay 100 mm
Win Filter Vietnam 10 cigarette
  Special Flavour,Filter international(nw) Vietnam 2 packs
  Special Flavour Slim Vietnam 100 mm
  Mild Minti Ceta,Mild,Mild Premium Indonesia 3 packs 16 cigarette
  10mg Hong Kong 2 packs
Winbody   Myanmar  
Winchester Light,Filter,Menthol(nw) Romania 3 packs
  Filter Poland  
  Non Filter Canada 8 cigarette 60 mm
  Filter Romania 100 mm
  Filter,Menthol U.S.A 2 packs
  7mg Russia 2 packs
  Compact - Silver(x2),Blue(x2) Ukraine 4 packs
  Red,Blue Ukraine 2 packs
  Non Filter U.S.A 60 mm
  Non Filter Canada 60 mm
  Light Switzerland  
Wind Hot,Cold Czech Republic 2 packs
Windsor De Luxe Germany 2 packs 100 mm
  Menthol Germany 100 mm
  Menthol Germany 19 cigarette
  Filtter Tipped Germany 10 cigarette
  Filtter Tipped Germany  
  Con Filtro,Filtro Nicaragua 2 packs
  Filter Chile 2 packs 100 mm
  Filter,Non Filter Venezuela 2 packs 60 mm
  Filter Israel  
  Non Filter Israel  
  Filter Russia  
Windsor Blue Filter United Kingdom 2 packs
  Luxury Length,Superkings 10mg(x2),Superkings Menthol,Superking White United Kingdom 5 packs 100 mm
  10mg United Kingdom 2 packs 10 cigarette
  10mg,Menthol United Kingdom 2 packs 10 cigarette 100 mm
Winfield Filter(x2),Extra Mild,Ultra Mild(x2),Super Mild,Blue(x3),Silver,Menthol,Sky Blue(x2),Gold(x2),Grey(x2),White,Original Sky Blue,Red(x2),1MG,Ultra Light Menthol,Ultimate(x2) Australia 25 packs 25 cigarette
  Menthol,Super Mild(x2),Filter(x3),Extra Mild(x2) New Zealand 8 packs 25 cigarette
  Super Mild,Menthol,Filter,Extra Mild,Blue New Zealand 5 packs
  Gold(x2),Menthol,Blue(x2),Super Mild,Filter Australia 7 packs
  Light Hong Kong 25 cigarette
  Filter(x2),American Light,Light France 5 packs 30 cigarette
  Full Flavor Germany 19 cigarette
  Filter Germany 24 cigarette
  Filter,American Light,Red(nw),Blue France 4 packs
  Light,10mg Italy 2 packs 15 cigarette
  Light Austria  
  Filter New Zealand 10 cigarette
  Light Italy 30 cigarette
  Full Flavor Belgium 10 cigarette
  Filter France 29 cigarette
  Blue Italy  
  Limited Series - Full Flavor(x5),Light(x3) France 8 packs 30 cigarette
  Special back France 2 packs 30 cigarette
  Special back France 3 packs
  Limited Series France 10 cigarette
  8mg France 2 packs 10 cigarette
  Magnum South Africa  
  Limited Edition Summer - Blue,Red Australia 2 packs 25 cigarette
  Filter Holland 25 cigarette 100 mm
  Serie Limitee - The Bus France 30 cigarette
  Filter Paraguay  
  Toasted American Holland 10 cigarette 60 mm
  Light Benelux  
  Filter,Light Holland 2 packs
Wingate TM U.S.A  
Wings Filter,Light,Blue,Silver Spain 4 packs
  wings promo - Red Russia  
  Red,Blue Russia 2 packs
  Menthol,Gold,Red Turkey 3 packs 100 mm
  Menthol,Gold,Red Turkey 3 packs
  Silver -> L.D Silver Russia  
  Perfect Blend Non Filter(x4),Filter Tipped U.S.A 5 packs
  Non Filter,For Russian Soliders U.S.A 3 packs 60 mm
  Test Pack U.S.A  
Winner Light,Full Azerbeijan 2 packs
  Filter Sweden  
  Filter Sudan 10 cigarette
  Full Flavor,Light Greece 2 packs 100 mm
  Light,Full Flavor Greece 2 packs
Winners Filter,Menthol Israel 2 packs
Winnie TM U.S.A  
Winns Full Flavor,Light,Filter Spain 3 packs
Winnsboro   Philippines  
Wisam Filter,Light Israel 2 packs
Wismilak Slim Indonesia 16 cigarette
  Special Indonesia 12 cigarette
Witton Blue Switzerland  
WK'78 Special Plain Holland 25 cigarette
WL Filter,Special(x2),Blue,Silver,Red(x2) Brazil 7 packs
Wonangsae   North Korea  
Wonder Extra Menthol,Filter,Filter(nw),Menthol(nw) Thailand 4 packs
  Filter Pakistan  
  Virginia Blend Holland 60 mm
Wont 0.6 Moldova  
Woodbine Filter,Tipped United Kingdom 4 packs 10 cigarette 60 mm
  Non Filter,Export Size,Filter United Kingdom 5 packs 60 mm
  Virginia Ireland 10 cigarette 60 mm
  Non Filter United Kingdom 25 cigarette 60 mm
Woodland Light Uruguay  
Workman Non Filter Malta  60 mm
  No 1 Non Filter Malta 10 cigarette 60 mm
World Cup Test Pack U.S.A  
  De Luxe - Special Light,Filter U.S.A 2 packs
World For 2 Light,Filter Holland 2 packs 19 cigarette
Worth Light,Ultra Light,Full Flavor,Menthol Light(x2) U.S.A 5 packs
  Light,Ultra Light,Full Flavor,Menthol Light,Full Flavor Menthol U.S.A 5 packs 100 mm
WRC Original,Blue Poland 2 packs
WS Suave,Filter Brazil 5 packs
Wulandari   Indonesia 16 cigarette
WY Chester Cool Fresh U.S.A 19 cigarette
Wyndham Test Pack U.S.A  
WYW International Unknown